Bambu Fork and Spoon 18mo+

Bambu Fork and Spoon 18mo+

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Try these gentle kid-size eating utensils for kid-sized mouths. Made from Certified organic bamboo, this fork and spoon set is a healthy alternative to plastic. Just right for kids’ hands.

Learn more about bambu KIDS products.
• Food safe; phthalate-free and BPA-free
• Tested and approved; meets US code CFR Title 16
• Hand wash with warm soapy water and rinse thoroughly

For ages 18m +

About bambu products

Parents always want the best for their kids and so does Bambu. Our award-winning KIDS collection combines safe and tested design with all the natural benefits of bamboo. Bambu KIDS products are free from dyes and chemicals, and designed and sized for small hands and mouths.

All bambu products are made only from bamboo that is sustainably harvested and free of fertilizers or pesticides. Bamboo products are made from Certified Organic
bamboo sources. And naturally, bambu uses only water-based formaldehyde-free adhesives

Bambu uses natural and low or no-impact ingredients wherever possible. They also use food safe oils, water-based adhesives, natural lacquers and waste-water management practices in their production.

All bambu products are 100% vegan. No animal-derived ingredients, nor ingredients are processed with animal products. No ingredients or products are produced on shared machinery with non-vegan ingredients, and neither the products nor their ingredients are tested on animals.

Bambu supports fair trade practices

About Bamboo

Bamboo is a highly renewable material. It is one of the earth’s fastest growing plants. Bamboo needs no replanting, grows without fertilizers or pesticides and is harvested from controlled stands with an astounding growth cycle of three to five years.

Bamboo truly is a remarkable renewable resource. It is a centuries old material that has been and continues to be used by over half the world’s population for applications as varied as food, shelter, fuel and clothing. These applications make bamboo a vital non-timber, non-petroleum resource. With a tensile strength superior to steel, it is one of the most versatile and durable natural resources in the world.